Heard something cool on the radio:

The windshield is a lot bigger/better/has more perspective than the tiny little rear view mirror. In other words, look forward, not back.

I like it.


And if we’re looking back, we really end up missing a whole lot that’s right in front of us. Plus, if we’re not paying attention to where we’re going, chances are we’ll get off course and end up where we don’t want to be.

It’s just plain better to look forward, with bigger perspective, through the windshield. You can SEE so much more than you can through the rear-view mirror. Even if sometimes your windshield gets a little dirty, or may have a big crack in it like mine does right now, or sometimes fogs up a little, or even sometimes gets smooshed bugs on it — and basically is never 100% perfect — it’s STILL better to look through your windshield.

Having said that, you still want to be aware of what is in your rear-view mirror, and in your blind spot. But focus ahead. Focus forward.

And enjoy the view as you do.




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