I was doing ‘airplane’ with Zachary and I was about to put my feet on his tummy to boost him up in the air. He stopped me, looking all concerned, and said, pointing at my bare feet (full of dried cracks), “I can’t go on the airplane! It’s broken!” Then he said it needed a bandaid.

Everything needs a bandaid these days with him. Smash your fingers in the door? Here’s a band aid. Your brother pushed you down on the floor? Go get a bandaid. The kitty scratched you? Put a bandaid on it. Your tummy is owie? A bandaid will fix it…and if you’re crying, your eyes need a bandaid because of the tears coming out. Even his basketball needs a bandaid on occasion.

I love how simple a 3 year-old’s mind is, and how a bandaid or a kiss makes everything better.



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