10 Months = First Tooth!

She turned 10 months old today (well, technically yesterday), and her first tooth FINALLY broke through!! It’s on the bottom, front, right. It’s SO stinkin’ cute to reach in there and feel those little jaggety spikes popping through her gums!

And she handled it like a pro: only 9 nights out of 10 she’s been waking up screaming…having bouts of extreme drama-queen fussiness during the day…shoving everything she can get her hands on into her mouth at a non-stop pace…even biting me a little (OW)…rosy cheeks/fevers/ears hurting/runny nose…screaming at such an ear-piercing, high-pitched rate that I’m surprised she doesn’t break the dogs’ ear drums…

Ah…the life of a mom of a teething baby…

But we’ve got one in! Whoo-hoo!

How many more to go… ?




Jumping Alone

I went outside tonight with the intent to exercise while moving around the sprinkler in the attempt to keep the grass that’s currently growing.

I ended up jumping on the newly-finished trampoline — super fun!! — for quite a while…so nice to have it to myself for once! (And I only wet my pants a little.) ;D

Then I dug and moved dirt and shoveled and lifted and rearranged and kept moving the sprinkler for like another hour and a half.

It was fun. Not much point to this post other than that, and I shall do it again. Night. 🙂

He Even Cleans Up Cat Puke

Lastnight we came home to lots and lots of evidence of a sick cat on the carpet.

It was one of those times that I was really glad my usual role at that time of evening is to hurry and throw something together for dinner. That meant that Mike was left to help Levi clean up his cat’s mess. Oh, darn. ;D

Quite a while later, after lots of complaining from Pumpkin’s owner, Levi and Mike finally succeeded in cleaning everything up. They had used paper towels, wipes, the vacuum, and finally the carpet cleaner.

That part of the carpet hadn’t looked that good in a long time!

I am so grateful for a husband who will come home after a long, tiring, hard day at work, and not complain himself about doing something like that.

A husband who, after having dinner with us, doing family night and reading scriptures with us, and helping with some outside work, will take it upon himself to help get little kids to bed while I feed the baby. To read books to them, help them brush teeth and get jammies on, sings songs to them while he tucks them in, and help them say their prayers.

A husband who will stay up late with Benjamin, helping him with his math problems so that he can understand them better — since I am having a hard time teaching algebra. And even though he was tired and had to get up early this morning, he still went and got the baby and changed her from head to toe before he brought her in to me for her usual early-morning feeding.

And then he left, to go out into the world, to work hard to support this family, even though it has been difficult lately.

I am so very, very blessed to have an amazing husband, father of our cuties, best friend, confidant, awesome supporter and encourager, and to be married to someone who just has so much patience with me — it is humbling and inspiring.

I want to be a better person for you, babe. I always have. And I will continue to try harder to be the wife that you deserve. I love you, and thank you.











I can’t believe the audacity!

The gall!

The shameless, blatant disregard for my wishes!

And my wishes?

To keep her young…little…as a baby…


But here she is, in all her glory, not even caring about the fact that she just started crawling about a week and a half ago and zooms from crumb to crumb all over the floor now…

No, not caring that her teeth will be coming in any day…

And not even caring that she’s imitating everything and getting into everything and eating more and more and nursing less and less and communicating better and better and looking older and older and her hair is getting longer and longer…

No, as if all THAT wasn’t enough —

She’s now started standing up. Pulling herself up on things.

And being WAY too big.

(And of course getting stuck in that position, not knowing what to do, and squawking till someone comes and saves her.)

Dangit. My baby’s growing up.