10 Months = First Tooth!

She turned 10 months old today (well, technically yesterday), and her first tooth FINALLY broke through!! It’s on the bottom, front, right. It’s SO stinkin’ cute to reach in there and feel those little jaggety spikes popping through her gums!

And she handled it like a pro: only 9 nights out of 10 she’s been waking up screaming…having bouts of extreme drama-queen fussiness during the day…shoving everything she can get her hands on into her mouth at a non-stop pace…even biting me a little (OW)…rosy cheeks/fevers/ears hurting/runny nose…screaming at such an ear-piercing, high-pitched rate that I’m surprised she doesn’t break the dogs’ ear drums…

Ah…the life of a mom of a teething baby…

But we’ve got one in! Whoo-hoo!

How many more to go… ?




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