I can’t believe the audacity!

The gall!

The shameless, blatant disregard for my wishes!

And my wishes?

To keep her young…little…as a baby…


But here she is, in all her glory, not even caring about the fact that she just started crawling about a week and a half ago and zooms from crumb to crumb all over the floor now…

No, not caring that her teeth will be coming in any day…

And not even caring that she’s imitating everything and getting into everything and eating more and more and nursing less and less and communicating better and better and looking older and older and her hair is getting longer and longer…

No, as if all THAT wasn’t enough —

She’s now started standing up. Pulling herself up on things.

And being WAY too big.

(And of course getting stuck in that position, not knowing what to do, and squawking till someone comes and saves her.)

Dangit. My baby’s growing up.



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