We Can Fly!

Oh my goodness I am so proud of my boys!! After two months of driving 40+ miles several times a week for rehearsals — and dragging the three younger kids for a few hours each time, and then practicing lines at home, and watching everything we could on Peter Pan, and even reading the book — Benjamin and Owen got to perform it today and I got to see it!!

Levi and I were so excited to get to attend with a bunch of school children today, and we can’t wait to go back this weekend for the public show!! Yay!!

This has been a huge leap for them both; it’s Owen’s second musical and Benjamin’s third, but they both had small parts before. It’s so awesome that their amazing director, ‘Miss Vikky,’ had so much faith in them and trusted that they would rise to the occasion as Peter and John. They have both really blossomed and are having such great experiences.

Can’t wait till Saturday!! šŸ˜€



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