Would You Rather… ?

Have you ever played that game? Well, my boys love it. And they always think of the craziest, grossest, and sometimes deadliest questions to ask you.

Things like: would you rather jump off a cliff and burst into 1,000 pieces at the bottom, or would you rather explode in the middle of a volcano’s lava?

Or: would you rather eat only live snakes for the rest of your life, or only huge-mongous cockroaches?

How about: would you rather grow nose hair down to your feet, or ear hair out of your eyes?

Well, today while we were doing the dishes together, Levi was complaining about being bored. So I suggested we play a game.

My first “would you rather” was something like would you rather be a dolphin or a whale or some such innocent thing.

HIS was this gem: “Would you rather kiss a skunk every day for a year? Or kiss 10,000 bumblebees every week for year?”

I think about it honestly, after I get rid of my initial repulsion. I say, “Well, I guess I would rather kiss the skunk.”

Levi exclaims, “What?! You would? But then you would stink like a super nasty stink bug but lots, lots worse!!”

I say, “I would rather stink than die. All those bumblebees would probably kill me!”

Levi: “Well, I wouldn’t mind that. ‘Cause then I wouldn’t have to see you kiss your boyfriend anymore — your boyfriend called The Daddy!


I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised…a couple days ago we were listening to Disney songs on Pandora and I told the kids we should watch one of these movies — “I’m totally in the mood now — aren’t you guys??” Levi was the first to pipe up, “I want to watch a movie, but NOT a Disney movie ’cause they always have kissing at the end!”



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