Rainbows and Vitamin C’s and Dancing. DUH!

3 yr-old Curiosity + Independence = Messes and Profound Simplicities

When his oldest brother pointed out the “super epic” awesome rainbow outside earlier this morning, Zachary’s first reaction, accompanied by a squeal of delight, was: “We should climb to the top of it (like Curious George did in his most recent episode, of course)!”

I asked him what we would find there. His answer: “A slide to slide down. DUH!”

I love how much he boosts my self-esteem…

Zachary just came around the corner with his mouth jammed full of orange gooeyness. One look and I knew what it was: chewable vitamin C’s.

I could barely make out his proud, chipmunk-cheek words, “Mama! I got 20 bitamin C’s out of the bitamin container!”

I said, “Why?!” while fully expecting some smart response like Because I have a cold (even though he doesn’t, but he knows that when he does have a cold, he gets to have more vitamin C’s) as I start to try to clean up his sticky orange face.

Instead I get this from him: “Because somebody left it open. DUH!”

The other day, Zachary was doing ‘THE DANCE’ — you know, THAT one, with a sudden look of extreme horror as he realized he might’ve waited a little too long — past the point of no return — to run to the bathroom (he was too into his Curious George show, of course).

Me – “Do you need to go potty?” (knowing full well that he did)
Zachary – “Nope!”
Me – “Then why are you dancing?”
Zachary – “Because I’m wearing my bah-kee-ball shirt and I’m happy! DUH!”

Life really is pretty simple.

Rainbows are fun to slide down.

Vitamin C’s are yummy.

And wearing your favorite basketball jersey should make you happy enough to dance.




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